Lingkar Belajar Komunitas Bervisi

PIKUL's identity

PIKUL is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1998. Since it’s establishment, PIKUL
was mandated to strengthen local capacities and institutions in Eastern Indonesia. Currently, PIKUL serves
its mandate by facilitating local leaders, innovators, and communities to create and achieve their vision for
transformation towards just and democratic societies. .

Values & Belief

PIKUL assumes principles of Pluralism and anti-discrimination, Social Solidarity, Popular
Democracy, Non-Violence, Transparency and Accountability.

1.Developing new models of basic rights fulfillment, sustainable and resilient livelihood and
2. Facilitating collective actions among local leaders and innovators
3. Creating and managing learning process among local leaders and innovators
4. Encouraging enabling environment, including support from the state through advocacy and

Better Approach to Work in Eastern Indonesia: Learning from PIKUL 20 years of service

Throughout 20 years, PIKUL supported more than 40 local organization in Eastern Indonesia, to work
within communities for a better life. From its positive achievement, PIKUL learns that for a better
development works in Eastern Indonesia, it is important to ensure that we work with:
• communities or group of people who are confident of their own resources and ability to manage
those resources toward resiliency and self esteem.
• Individuals and/or communities who are creative in fulfilling their basic rights.
• Visionary individuals and/or communities who are proved to pursue their vision through innovative
action and efforts and able to work collaboratively.
• Government and other actors who are willing to bring forward a more just and better life of society.


  • Capacity building: finding champions, creating learning circle, connecting, collaboratio
  • Direct facilitation to community particularly to enhance rights based livelihood
  • advocacy and campaign
  • research and survey
  • event organizing

How we ensure quality of service: system inplace

Our experience working with local organizations and individuals has made us aware of the importance,
hence challenge, on ensuring transparent and accountable service.
• Financial & Admin system
◦ Accounting software
◦ Annual independent audit
◦ Program database
• Grant making system for individuals and communities
◦ technical assistance for participatory planning based on individuals/communities vision
◦ independent pannel review
◦ technical assistance for financial management
◦ internal audit
• Research, monitoring, learning and documenting system

Working with Pikul: the advantage

• We have system in place
• We have wide networks at local and national level
• We have long experience managing grant to local partners, and existing system
• We are local based, closer to context
• We are local based, made operational cost more effective
• We have passion on Eastern Indonesia Development –

Overview Programs and Thematic Expertise:

1. Natural Resource Management, Local Peoples Righs and Sustainable Livelihood
Pikul has a long experience on Natural Resources Management and Local Peoples Rights. Since
1998 to 2006 NRM-IPR with support from Oxfam Australia and Novib, Pikul worked with more than
20 NGOs in Jakarta, Kalimantan, East Nusa Tenggara, Central Sulawesi and Papua, mostly on
community capacity building and supporting policy advocacy works of local groups and NGOs. The
program built Pikul’s expertise in facilitating grass-roots ratural resources and community rights
issues. Since 2015 Pikul is working in Semau Island directing and managing 8 NGOs and CBOs to
building Social-Ecological Resilience in small island supported by Global Environmental FacilitiesSmall Grant Program (GEF-SGP).

2. Disaster Risk Reduction
Pikul was one the first NGO in Indonesia who had specific program on Disaster Risk Reduction.Since 1998 to 2012 the approach has been evolving. Pikul was actively involved in many disaster
relief program and conflict resolution during West Timor crisis in 1999-2001 and Central Sulawesi
conflict. Recently, Pikul is working DRR with Oxfam in Indonesia to enhance resilience
sustainable livelihood in communities under ICDRC-YFF Program.

3. Gender and Inclusion for Social Transformation
In 1998 to 2006, Pikul developed Women’s Health and Human Rights supporting local groups to
errect women’s rights particularly on health and violence agains women issues. Since 2006, the
approach has been integrated into Pikul’s program. Since 2019, Pikul has integrated also child
protections and disability inclusion into our program management system.

4. Urban issues
Pikul worked together with international research institutions on youth migrations and urban youth livelihood. In 2017 and 2018, Pikul worked with JPAL-Indonesia on No Lean Season research, an
RCT approach research on subsidies for rural poor to get temporal jobs in urban area. Pikul also
worked with Just Jobs Network -US on youth migration to secondary cities such as Kupang and
Kabupaten Semarang. Pikul also work with Institute for Essential Services Reforms on Climate
Change Compatible Budgeting in Kota Kupang advocating for innovative local climate change
financing mechanism.

5. Basic Services
As part of advocating enabling environmen for sustainable livelihood, Pikul also advocate for basic
service policy such as universal social protection program and targeted social protection program.
In 2018-2020 Pikul worked collaboratively with Prakarsa on monitoring universal health care
services. Pikul also works with fishers community in Kupang City and East Flores District on social
protections of fishers supported by Right to Food Program of Oxfam in Indonesia

Support to PIKUL

  1. More than 10 associates and networks, with various expertise:
    a) Facilitator
    b) Researcher
    c) Assessor, evaluator
    d) Community actors profiler
    e) Creative documentation (visual and audio visual)
  2. More than 100 volunteers, proven as effective event organizers and other practical requirements.
  3. More than 300 actors and communities with creative innovations (both social and technology)
  4. Major funding from Oxfam Australia, NOVIB (through Oxfam in Indonesia), Global Environmental
    Facilities-Small Grant Program
  5. Supporting network of:
    a) More than 30 local NGOs and CBOs across Eastern Indonesia and national leve. Mostly works
    on disaster risk reduction, natural resource management, women and human rights issues.
    b) International organization, eg. Oxfam, GEF-SGP, British Council, AusAID (NTT-Facilitator
    Program as Project Holder)

Team MemberS

Torry Kuswardono

Executive Director, Knowledge Management and Public Outreach Director, Political-Ecology, and Climate Change Specialist

Andry Ratumakin

Program Manager, Governance and Public Administration Specialist

Danny Wetangterah

Program Manger, Active Citizens and Community Facilitations and Multimedia Specialis

Triniwelita Poelinggomang

Finance and Administration Manager

Lesti Leneng

Finance and Administration Officer

Mariana Yunita Hendriani Opat

ICDRC-Young Female Farmers Program Officer

Elsy Graziana Dede

ICDRC-Young Female Farmers, Farmers Facilitator

Adriana Nomleni

GEF-SGP Social-Ecological Resilience of Small Island, Program Officer

Septiani C. Suyono

GEF-SGP Social-Ecological Resilience of Small Island, Knowledge Management Officer

Dina Puan Soro


Contact us

Jl.Cak Doko No 4
Kel. Oebobo
Kupang – NTT, Indonesia, 8111
phone: 0380 – 8431687
email: pikul@perkumpulanpikul.org, pikul.kupang@gmail.com
Registered on Ministry of Law and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia no: W.17.UM.01.01/-235